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You already have registered or only planning to start a business in the UAE? This is a great solution! Due to the lack of fiscal control and moderate taxation the United Arab Emirates attract businessmen from all over the world.

However, in this country one have to conduct a due diligence quite often. A voluntary audit is carried out in all cases, where the company have to confirm its own financial status. For example, if you need to take a loan in the financial institution or in the case of company selling. Annual statutory audit is conducted in all commercial enterprises registered in Free Economic Zones of the UAE.

Usually the auditor's report is submitted directly to the administration of FEZ. In some zones the companies can choose the start date and the end of the financial year. However, the report must be submitted not later than three months after yearly closure.

An active development of business in the UAE resulted in a great amount of companies presented on the market of audit services now. TESH will help you find the best deal, control the timing of report rendering and promptly submit it to the registration authority.