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Company registration in the UAE

Company registration in the UAE is the politic move for any kind of business, because the United Arab Emirates has a developed economy with a favorable investment climate. This will allow your company to reach a new international business level. Nevertheless, as it is in any other country, there is some certain specificity. Knowledge of it will insure you from the unnecessary bureaucratic problems.

In order to set up a company in the UAE (except for the territory of Free Economic Zones) you will need the participation of a citizen of the United Arab Emirates. When creating the LLC a citizen of the UAE should act as a partner with a 51% stake. When registering the company with a professional license a citizen of the UAE should be hired as a service agent owning no shares and representing the company's interests in the local government bodies.

If You want to know:

  • how to reserve the rights and income from 100% stake when creating the LLC;
  • what types of activities are subject to licensing in the UAE only and may not be conducted in the FEZ;
  • what organizational and legal form will suit your specific business,

contact us! Trust Essam Shama will provide a consulting support and undertake a task of legalistic formalities clearance.