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Legalization of documents

The United Arab Emirates has not adhered to the international Convention of 1961, abolishing the need of legalization of the official documents issued by the foreign countries. In other words, each document you want to use on the Emirates territory has to be undertaken through the appropriate legalization procedure. The same applies to documents obtained in the UAE, if you plan to use them abroad.

Documents legalization for the UAE includes the following:

  • rendering of a notarized copy of the required document;
  • this copy has to be translated, and the translated copy has to be certified by the notary and the Ministry of justice (in addition, some documents must be certified by relevant state institutions);
  • the document is certified by the Ministry of foreign Affairs the country, where the document was issued;
  • consular legalization of documents for the UAE.

It should be noted that legalization of foreign documents for physical and legal persons differs by price and difficulty of the procedure. However, this process is still quite time-consuming. Therefore, Trust Essam Shama offers to take care of legalization of documents in the UAE.