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Opening of bank accounts

In modern terms of financial markets instability the UAE banks enjoy a well-deserved reputation of stability and reliability islands. Social stability of the country, its independent economic policy and no strict financial control and bank secrecy disclosure make banks of the United Arab Emirates attractive for cooperation. This is so especially in the light of worsening of such conditions in European countries and their banking institutions.

Opening of bank account in the UAE will give your business a number of benefits both on international and domestic levels. However, in order to reach the maximum effective use of them you will need to know the ropes in the local context. Each type of commercial activity will require a particular bank and particular account type in order to have an optimal effect. At that, an order of opening of bank accounts for non-residents of the UAE has its own specifics.

Trust Essam Shama's experts will provide you with full consulting support with respect to bank procedures for opening of accounts in the UAE. We will help you to choose the financial institution that matches your business activity, to prepare the necessary documents and to pass an interview.