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Driver's license in the UAE

When visiting the United Arab Emirates one may face a task of unrestricted mobility. What kind of driver's license is used in the UAE, is there a need take out a driver's license in Dubai? If you have an international driver's license, and you came into the country on a tourist visa, you can rent a car in Dubai with no trouble.

However, if you intend to set up business in the UAE, you will need a local driver's license. The laws of this country prohibit owning and driving a vehicle without having relevant local documents. Ignoring of legislation may lead to unpleasant situation when meeting with the police: to be punished with a fine could be the best case, and imprisonment is the worst one.

Trust Essam Shama is a company to provide the comprehensive consulting support and practical assistance during taking out of driver's license in UAE. This guarantees you the solution of the problem in the shortest possible time, will save your time on acquisition and submission of required documents, as well as will insure you from unnecessary problems due to the lack of knowledge of local specifics. If you don't have time for this, we'll help you to byu driver's license.

Please feel free to contact us to obtain a detailed advice on an issue of quick registration of driver's license in the UAE.