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About Us

Due to constant competition terms, all the commercial firms have to explore new horizons constantly. The Trust Essam Shama Company is a relatively new division of our existing family business. We have already managed to create several successful businesses both in trade and services rendering areas. One of them is a retailing of high-quality seafood — we already have offices in seven countries and are actively exporting the products to those markets.

Our practical experience in the field of consulting services rendering is an essential competitive advantage. We are not the theoreticians but the practical men. Our experts are first-hand experienced on the issue, how to start a business in the UAE and to bring it to success. Over the years TESH has opened branches both in Free Economic Zones of the United Arab Emirates and in the Dubai itself. Our team has got a positive experience, studied the market and got useful connections. This allows us to offer you our expert services confidently.

Please contact us if you have any questions with respect to doing business in the UAE. Our experts will thoroughly inform you on how to register a company in the UAE, what banks of the United Arab Emirates are best suitable for your business when opening a bank account, how to get a visa to the UAE. In this section you can find more details regarding our services.