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Import to the UAE

Benefits of doing business in Dubai and registration of company in the UAE become more apparent if your business-activity is connected with trade. Almost every trading license implies the possibility of import of goods, so at some level of development you may need to register your company on customs of the UAE.

As it is in any other country, the legislation of the United Arab Emirates, governing the customs regime, has many subtleties. Knowing them, you will avoid unnecessary payments of customs duties, delays in deliveries and will save your time, which also costs some money. In order to support this, Trust Essam Shama's experts are ready to provide you with quality customs consultation.

Among our advantages are the following: location in the UAE, knowledge of the local market features, established contacts with regulatory bodies and service providers. We will help you to prepare the necessary list of documents, to submit it to customs office of the UAE, to find a professional customs agent and to enter into a contract with a reliable transportation company in the shortest possible time.