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Registration of FEZ in the UAE

The prosperity of the United Arab Emirates economy is based not only on high oil production volumes. With the aim of its diversifying a program of the investment climate improvement was adopted. And now Free Economic Zones in the UAE look attractive for investors from all over the world because of their benefits!

Benefits of Free Economic Zones in Dubai and other Emirates include: the right for full foreign ownership of companies to open, absolution from import duties, lots of tax preferences, free withdrawal of capital, etc. A well-developed infrastructure, low-cost labor force, marine terminals and airports are at investors' disposal. This makes the UAE the ideal country for profitable investments.

However, there is a lot Zones. In each particular case, the features of the Free Economic Zone can significantly affect the conditions of the opening and further business development. This can refer both to the size of the authorized capital, and the availability of the required transport infrastructure of your company.

Trust Essam Shama will help you to choose the appropriate FEZ suitable for your business. Our experts can provide any kind of consulting support regarding your demands.