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Organization of business meetings

When starting business in the UAE you may need to organize business meetings and events with local partners. However, for the success of the negotiation process it is not enough to assign a meeting and to rent a room with the necessary equipment. You also need to know the features of Arabic business etiquette.

It is quite important to understand the significance of Islam for all aspects of life for the citizens of the United Arab Emirates. For example, the working week lasts from Sunday to Thursday, because Friday and Saturday are holidays. At that, some companies allow to work on Saturday, and Thursday can be a shortened working day. Appearance, especially for women, should not conflict with religious norms during negotiations.

Often conducting of business meetings can be at the Arabs' places on a visit. And in such case, there are many subtle points, that one need to take into account in order to leave a favorable impression on a partner. Having a wide knowing of Arab business etiquette subtleties, the specialists of Trust Essam Shama will help you in organizing of business meetings, provide support with respect to the local customs of the negotiation process, and will assist you during negotiations.