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1. Is it possible to solve complex issues with government authorities (for example, to get one of the UAE licenses, the amount of which is limited, the license for the hookah or for the supply of goods to major supermarket chains) through your company?

Yes, it is. As a rule, it takes a week for our experts to prepare a clear decision for any complex task. In most cases we are able to provide all the necessary services to our customers.

2. Is it possible to take a loan in the UAE?

Yes, it is. You can take a loan if the question is about a large loan. It is better to take loans in local banks. If your company operates for more than one year, then the % will be far less than it is in the CIS countries. Usually, banks prefer to lend against security. Time to cash takes 10 days. Our company will help you to take it.

3. Which branch of economy is the most profitable for starting a business in the UAE?

Real estate agencies, beauty salons, Spa-salons, tourism business, restaurants, shops and supermarkets, pharmacies, private hospitals and clinics are in demand. For more details please feel free to contact our consultants.

4. Is it possible to sell visas officially while being a company's manager?

No, it is not. At that, many companies are doing so in order to earn some extra money. Our company can show you the "pitfalls" you may encounter in such situation.

5. Do you provide assistance in recruitment?

Yes, we do. Our company will help you to recruit employees for your company.

6. What is a level of salaries in the UAE?

The salary depends on the nature and status of job. Our consultant will inform you in detail about specific numbers you can further discuss with the applicants for a vacancy.

7. Is it possible to know which area suits the best for opening a business in the UAE?

Our experts will draw up a comprehensive report (income, ethnic composition, infrastructure, competitors of clientele) for you, so you could sort out which area suits your needs best.

8. Why opening of an offshore company in the UAE is profitable?

The offshore jurisdiction of the UAE is not included in the blacklists of European countries. The advantages of an offshore company registration in the UAE are as follows: 100% ownership of the capital stock of the company, no taxes, no requirements for minimum registered capital, free withdrawal of profit, strict confidentiality.

9. Why opening of an onshore company in the Free Zone of the UAE is profitable?

In most cases, an onshore company has the advantages of a residence company, but it does not pay taxes (except for oil and tourism industries). FEZ has a developed infrastructure, ministering to the best business dealing both in the UAE and abroad. Registration of a company in the FEZ of the UAE allows to get a visa.

10. Can I register a company in the UAE?

Yes, you can. At that, there are more than 30 FEZs in the UAE, and each has its own specifics (company registration price, availability of infrastructure, etc.) In order to open a business in the UAE, you need to collect a huge number of documents. Our experts will help you to choose the case, which suits you the best, and to save your time, nerves and money.

11. How much time is one need to register a company and to open a bank account in the UAE?

Depending on the legal form of the company, its registering takes from 2 to 10 working days. Opening a bank account takes up to 3 weeks. For more details please feel free to contact our consultants.

12. What taxes are set for physical and legal persons in the UAE?

The UAE has no income tax for physical persons. The profit tax is levied on banks, tourist and oil companies. When registering a company in FEZ the VAT, social contributions and other taxes are not to be charged, but the tax on imports to the UAE is set.